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About us


Fashion, fashion and always fashion ....
I've always been drawn to fashion, materials, models, colors ...
It started with a selection of brands that I presented to my friends right in their house.
What a pleasure to help these women find their style, look better and feel good about their outfit.
Then comes this wonderful project from Aliah in 2007 with all these dreams, but how can I continue my professional adventure so far from the Parisian Brands ...
It didn't take long, my decision was made, I wouldn't give up my passion and I was going to import my favorite products to Israel.
This new adventure started in my living room, I no longer went to my friends' houses, she came to my house to discover my collections over a good coffee and a treat.
It lasted a great year and then a desire to develop my offer made me want to create a place.
Finally my space where I could receive my clientele which was constantly developing.
A place that looks like me where I could evolve.
Already an idea germinated in my mind, I wanted to present a new concept that corresponded to my convictions:
Women can be beautiful, elegant, follow fashion by being Tsniut (Dress modestly and in accordance with Jewish law).
My concept was launched
SAND Paris Fashion & Tsniout.